{DIY} Halloween Treats Sock Container

Need something cute to hold your Halloween candy, or a cute decoration to give to a mom, grandma, teacher or friend but thought you didn’t have time?

Don’t fret!

I have the perfect solution and it only takes a few minutes. Yes, you heard me right :) Check out these cuties.

All you need is a container (clay pot, canning jar, flower pot, whatever you have)  and a pair of Halloween socks (admit it, we all have them).













Cut the sock just above the heel.

Pull the sock over the container and adjust for cuteness. (Hint: I used double stick tape on the bottom to adhere the sock. It still sits level and won’t scratch your table.)

Fill with candy, straws or whatever.  And there you have it!  Have fun with it. ♥



{Sweet Treat} Halloween Brew

This has been such a fun month seeing all the delicious sweet treats out there  for Halloween.

So I was thinking,  we need something to wash down all these yummy desserts.

Wouldn’t you agree?

  I did a little hunting and came up with some delicious brews I think you may want to try.

But first I wanted to show you the one I made using Better Homes and Gardens recipe.

  I fell in love with these Googly  Eyed Cuties.  So here it is…

How about some Fruity Smoothies with Eyeballs?

  Yes, these little cuties are brought to life with meringue googly eyes and chocolate chips.

I’m just crazy over them!  And the best part … they are healthy, super easy to make and so de-lish!!!

(Here’s a hint: Meringue is very fragile so  insert the stick very slowly into it so it does not crumble. You’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly.  Also, use clear vanilla to keep the eyes white.)

 I was thrilled to find the glasses at Target.

If you want to make these cuties the link is at the bottom of the post.


Now, the rest of this little slide show is from our great friends at Better Homes and Gardens.

How about this scary Apple Cider Brew?

Still thirsty?   Try this wiggly eye punch if you dare!


wiggly eyes glass

Or maybe you prefer something a little more refined.  This might fit the bill…

Aren’t these fun? For the recipes, click here.

 Bottoms Up!

HAVE A HAPPY & Safe HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


{DIY} Monogram Pumpkins

 I was working in the yard this weekend, wow, was it beautiful outside! Anyway, I had these two gorgeous pumpkins leaning up against my dark purple mums. And although they looked really nice I decided I wanted to spruce them up a little. (Just can’t leave well enough alone.)  So with a little paint, ribbon and a glue gun, (where would we be  without our glue guns?), here’s what I came up with.

I used real pumpkins  but the fake ones get the job done also. Either free hand or use a stencil for your letter, trace and paint in with acrylic paint. I used Martha Stewarts new glitter paint for the letters. I dotted around the letters using the tip of a paint brush to give it a little punch. Finally, I sprayed the pumpkins with a clear acrylic spray for the shinny appearance.(hint: if placing outside it will keep the squirrels from nibbling on it.) I always buy an extra one unpainted for them. SHUSH, don’t tell my husband.

Directions for bow:

Cut ribbon about 38″ long. Leaving 6 inches from the  bottom , make your 1st loop and pinch the ribbon. This is your center.

  Make a second loop on the right side and pinch together in center and continue back to left side making a third loop. Pinch in center and make fourth loop on right side and pinch in center.

Cut a short piece of thin wire and wrap around the center.

Following the same steps, make a second bow using a slightly thinner ribbon.

Cut a piece of ribbon about 7″ long and tie a knot in the center.

Placing the knot over the center of bow, hot glue in place. Then turn the bow over and hot glue the ends to the back side.

Now you’re ready to glue the two bows together. Place the green bow on top of the purple bow and glue in center.

Atlas, glue the bows to the pumpkin stalk and arrange the ribbon as you like.

And there you have it! ♥

{DIY} Halloween Tulle Witches’ Legs Wreath

Now that’s a mouthful!  I couldn’t think of another name so this will have to do.

I seem to have a thing this Halloween for witches’ legs and shoes.  Oh well, I think they’re cute. I had seen a wreath some time ago in the blogosphere similar to this one and was hoping I’d remember how to make it. So here it is with my own twist on it, isn’t she cute?


  1. Styrofoam wreath about 10 inches in diameter.
  2. Lightweight wooden circle
  3. Wooden initial
  4. 4 spools of orange and purple tulle
  5. Black, white and green craft paint
  6. Purple and black fun foam
  7. 1/2 yard green ribbon

Begin by cutting several stripes of tulle 18 inches long and tie  onto the styrafoam in a knot. I did clusters of color. (Sorry, I never counted how many strips.)  Paint the circle black and dab on white paint with a dabber (available at a scrapbook store) to make the polka dots.

Paint the initial green. When dry, hot glue onto polka dot circle.

Now, cut out 2 legs and 2 shoes from the purple and black fun foam. Download the pattern for the leg here, and the shoe here.

Hot glue the polka dot circle on to the tulle covered, styrofoam wreath.

Hot glue shoes on to legs and cross the legs and hot glue in place.

Turn wreath over and hot glue legs onto the back of wreath. (Turn to front to make sure you like the length.

Attach 2 green ribbon bows to the shoes, and she is ready for the trick-or-treaters! I  hope you like her as much as I do. :)


{Fab Find Friday}

Happy Friday!  I’m  excited to introduce you to this new section of the blog. I’m going to be on the look-out for Fab new Finds that I like and want to share with all of you. Let me know what ya think and if you have a Fab Find you’d like to share,  post a comment or send me an email.

I’m excited about this one because I featured it in our Black and White Polka Dot Halloween Party. Take a look if you missed it.  The chalkboard embellished glasses.

These cute glasses have a chalkboard on the front and come ready with the chalk. Great way for the goblins to keep track of their brew. They were a big hit!  You can use them for any party occasion as well.

Glasses purchased from: Pier One Imports -$2.99 each

Have a great weekend!


{Sweet Treat Tuesday} Polka Dot Cake

Hey it’s Tuesday and time for a sweet treat. Since I was pretty busy over the weekend working on decorating my Witch Legs Pumpkins, (check out the DIY), it didn’t leave enough time to bake. So today our sweet treat comes from a super talented lady over at Snowy Bliss.

This cake is absolutely amazing !!!

But wait,  you have to see the inside…

Didn’t I say it was amazing!


{DIY} Pumpkin with Witches Legs

Happy Monday! What a great weekend here.  The weather is outstanding and the beauty of the changing trees takes your breath away!  Perfect for decorating outdoors.

After checking my Halloween inventory, I spotted two large pumpkins with the carved faces. Although I like them, an updated look was in order. I guess I have a thing for witches shoes this Halloween.( Be sure to see our Black and White Polka Dot Halloween party.)

What do ya think?

 Here’s all you need to get the look:

1  pair of childrens’s black/white striped tights; decopage and brush, black felt and scissors; 2 tall pumpkins.

  Cut off the top of the tights and now you have witches legs. Get some decopage glue and center one leg of the tights on the pumpkin. ( I used the back of the pumpkin)

Apply quite a bit of glue to the pumpkin and the tights. You can even emerse the legging in the glue and squeeze most of it out and apply to the pumpkin.

Press to get air bubbles out.

I made a pattern of a witch shoe and cut out the felt.

 (fold the black felt in half so you get 2 shoes). Position the shoe so it is overlapping the stocking slightly. Decopage it as well. Because it is fabric, it will take a lot of glue and a day to dry.

Turn one shoe to the right on one pumpkin and the other to the left. And there you have it!   Happy Witchy Halloween!




Black & White Polka Dot Halloween Party

I’m so excited to show you the theme we came up with for our Halloween Party this year…

 …Black and White Polka Dot Halloween!

 The party was inspired by an adorable witch’s shoes rubber stamp and black and white polka dot fabric. Almost every element of this party is a DIY.

To kick off the celebration, guests received a handmade invite featuring the witch’s shoes stamp on the front. A little glitter, colorful cardstock and a broom made from yarn and a toothpick completes the look.

The back of the invite unfolds to reveal all the details of the “boo-t-iful” party.

The painted black and white polka dot pumpkins are showstoppers, accented with oversized purple and orange tissue paper flowers. (I’m in love with the dots! Can’t help myself!)  They are simple to make; you can find a tutorial  here.

  The “Boo!” banner completes the backdrop.

An orange tutu is an unexpected element on the table, and surrounds a multi-layer cupcake stand. What a pop of color! Purple stars punched out of grape taffy adorn each cupcake. (be sure to warm the taffy in microware to soften. Makes it easy to flatten and cut out.)  Don’t you just love the big green gumballs?  They’re always a fav of mine and here they accent the ruffle cake stand perfectly.  Little, glittery spiders inserted all around, stand out on the white plate. Hope they don’t eat much!

The little ghosts are good enough to eat! Sorry little guys!  They are made by draping white fondant over two stacked marshmallows. Then, I painted a little face on each one with a food marker. So cute!

Scary licorice trees are another simple DIY. String black licorice on floral wire and cluster them together to make the tree shape. Hold the tree form in place with black electrical tape, and bend the limbs to your liking.

In the shade of the licorice trees hide the spooky spirits that were served in chalkboard-embellished glasses. This made it easy for goblins to keep track of their brew. I love, love, love these!

The ceramic witch’s shoes were actually votive holders that I used to display purple and orange frosted pretzel rods. Their colors worked perfectly. (I wish I had taken a photo of both shoes together. )I love them!

Each guest was sent home with a sweet, cotton, black and white polka dot goodie bag with some treats to enjoy later. Lucky guests!

Hope you had a BOO-TI-FUL time here and will try some of these ideas. I would love to see your pictures.


Banner: Party Patisserie.  Available for purchase, just leave me a comment or send me an email: partypatisserie (at) gmail (dot) com $20.00

Treat bags: Party Patisserie.  Available in my Etsy Shop. Click here.

Tissue Paper Flowers: Party Patisserie

Glasses: Pier 1 Imports

Orange tutu: HomeGoods

Cake stands: Pier 1 Imports and HomeGoods




{Sew So Cute} Polka Dot Goodie Bags

Wouldn’t these goodie bags be perfect to give out to your little trick-or-treaters or your party guest at your next Halloween Party?

That’s exactly what we did at ours. These cute black and white cotton polka dot bags were a big hit at our Halloween bash as every guest left the party with a bag filled with  some special treats. The sweet orange and black ribbon at the top makes sure no goodies will be lost (not to mention it makes it so cute).

These little cuties can also be used as wedding or bridal favors too  just with a change of the ribbon.

To purchase, they are in Party Patisserie Etsy Shop. Click here.

Thank you :)

{Sweet Treat Tuesday} Pumpkin Pie Bites

 Happy Tuesday! Today I thought I’d take a break from the Halloween goodies and make something that says Fall Time. How about Pumpkin Pie Bites?  These really are a crowd pleaser, and aren’t they cute?

These little bites are so, so easy to make.  All you need is a can of pumpkin pie, a readymade crust from the grocery store,  a pumpkin cookie cutter, a can of cream cheese frosting and a mini cupcake pan.

Prepare the pumpkin as you would if you’re making pumpkin pie.

Roll out the ready made dough and cut with your pumpkin cookie cutter.


Next, gently press the dough in the cupcake pan taking care not to bend the pumpkin stem.

Prepare your pumpkin pie mixture and fill. (hint: it will puff up when baking, so don’t fill to the top) I used a small scooper to help me measure the amount of  pumpkin filling.

Remember I said this was easy?

So, you can use a readymade cream cheese frosting for a little dollop on the top to make it pretty. I also sprinkled a little cinnamon sugar on the frosting. Extra YUM!

You can make these from scratch if you prefer. I have done that also. But, I promised easy and quick.

Pack them in the kids lunches,  serve them to the ladies or send them to work with the hubby (he will love you for it), any way,  they are a real crowd pleaser!