{DIY} Halloween Tulle Witches’ Legs Wreath

Now that’s a mouthful!  I couldn’t think of another name so this will have to do.

I seem to have a thing this Halloween for witches’ legs and shoes.  Oh well, I think they’re cute. I had seen a wreath some time ago in the blogosphere similar to this one and was hoping I’d remember how to make it. So here it is with my own twist on it, isn’t she cute?


  1. Styrofoam wreath about 10 inches in diameter.
  2. Lightweight wooden circle
  3. Wooden initial
  4. 4 spools of orange and purple tulle
  5. Black, white and green craft paint
  6. Purple and black fun foam
  7. 1/2 yard green ribbon

Begin by cutting several stripes of tulle 18 inches long and tie  onto the styrafoam in a knot. I did clusters of color. (Sorry, I never counted how many strips.)  Paint the circle black and dab on white paint with a dabber (available at a scrapbook store) to make the polka dots.

Paint the initial green. When dry, hot glue onto polka dot circle.

Now, cut out 2 legs and 2 shoes from the purple and black fun foam. Download the pattern for the leg here, and the shoe here.

Hot glue the polka dot circle on to the tulle covered, styrofoam wreath.

Hot glue shoes on to legs and cross the legs and hot glue in place.

Turn wreath over and hot glue legs onto the back of wreath. (Turn to front to make sure you like the length.

Attach 2 green ribbon bows to the shoes, and she is ready for the trick-or-treaters! I  hope you like her as much as I do. :)



  1. I love this wreath! It is so cute! It’s Craft-spirational!

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