{Sew So Cute} Ruffled Crepe Paper

So sorry I’ve been missing in action for a while.  So much has been going on but I’m back.

I’m really excited to introduce to you our new product, Rufffled Crepe Paper.

It is the hottest new trend in Party Design and we have it for you in our Etsy Shop. We just got it up and running and will be adding many more choices with in the next few days. We would love for you to check it out.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, convo me or send me an email and we’ll get back to you. We love special requests!

So what do you think?

So spring or summer, don’t you think?

Each roll contains 49 ft. which is a big amount.  Enough to decorate a room.  We are also going to be

offering smaller rolls if that would suit your needs.

These rolls offered a lot of versatility. Use it on one side and you get predominately Pink with the Apple Green trim. Or use the other side, predominately Apple Green with the Pink trim.

It’s so much fun and so cute!

I don’t know what it is with us girls and our Ruffles, but we love them!

Want another peek?

We really love the polka dots too!

This is just a sample peek for ya.  If you’d like,  head on over to our Etsy and have some fun.

We are just getting started!

{Sweet Inspiration} Cherry Blossom Time

Have you ever been to Washington, D.C;  Sakura, Japan, or Paris, France during Cherry Blossom time?

We went to Washington a few years ago just to see the trees in bloom and I don’t think I’ll ever forget how beautiful it was. It was just an endless sea of gorgeous pink!

These gorgeous vibrant hues of pink from the cherry blossom trees are absolutely breathtaking.

Sakura, Japan  (via: tumbler)

  Washington, DC  (via: Google)

Paris, France  (via: pinterest, tumblr)

Since we are almost upon the Cherry Blossom season, I thought you’d enjoy  seeing how others are inspired by  this beautiful time of year.


(via: Cakes for Wedding.net)

(via: Google Images)

(via: Peggy Porschen Cakes)


Bellenza used faux cherry blossoms as a beautiful backdrop for a springtime wedding shower.


incorporate them into floral arrangements

(via: Martha Stewart Weddings)

(via: The Knot)


via: Pottery Barn Kids

Be watching as these gorgeous trees are about ready to bloom.

How would you be inspired?

{DIY} Pretty Paper Flowers

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Paper flowers seem to be everywhere these days and I, for one, love them.

With Spring right around the corner this is  a perfect craft to make now.  They will definitely brighten up any room in the house and they’re fun to make.

Supplies Needed:

Colorful card stock of your choice;  floral wire; hot glue gun & scissors. Begin by cutting out a circle about 7 inches in diameter. I cut the edges a bit irregular to give it more interest.

You’ll need to cut out several circles using different colors and vary the sizes a bit. Cut a few of the flowers 5 inches & some 6 inches in diameter. Again, it’s personal preference.

Once you have your circle cut out begin cutting  a spiral leaving about 1/4 to 1/2 inch from the edge of the paper and continue cutting to the center.

Here’s what it’ll look like.

Next,  roll up the spiral all the way to the center. I wrapped the paper around a pencil to get it started. Roll tightly.

When you reach the center let the paper pop open. Like magic you have your  beautiful flower.

(love this part)

Put a dollop of glue on the back piece, which is the center of the spiral, and press the flower into it gently.

Now you’ll need to cut our your leaves.  I used a few different shades of green card stock again for some added interest.

(go ahead and make several leaves. )

       Pinch the leaf at the base and put a small dot of hot glue to hold it together.

Take the floral wire and bend one end about 1/2 inch.

Turn your flower over to the underside and put a dollop of hot glue. Place the bent end of the wire into the glue.

It won’t want to hold, so, put your leaf or a scrap of green paper over the wire to secure in place. This will hold the wire and finish off the underside of the flower.

(sorry, I’m using a different color flower here.)
You can glue 1 or 2 leaves to a flower. Your preference.
After the glue has set, I wrapped the wire around my  finger a few times to give it a springy appearance.

 This gives it a whimsical appearance and helps me to position it in the vase.

Now, on to attaching the wires and leaves on these little beauties.

I had way to much fun making these.  They’re addictive.

I’m using a plastic, whimsical vase here that I found in an art shop. You can use whatever you like.

Aren’t they cute?

I originally put them in my kitchen, then my daughter saw them and, well, they reside in her room now.

Sure hope you enjoy making these flowers as much as I did!

Have a colorful day♥.

New York Shopping Trip

Last week I attended the wonderful Martha Stewart Dreamers Into Doers event in New York City for women entrepreneurs. It was fantastic! Since it was only 2 1/2 days I decided to stay another day to do a little shopping.

Martha’s show is taped in the fashion district which is where I was staying.

  It was perfect because the stores I wanted to go to were in this area.

{As you may know, I have a great love for fashion, design & sewing.}

First stop, M & J Trimming.

This store was amazingly huge and filled with trims, ribbons,  buttons & embellishments of all kinds from floor to ceiling. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Wall & walls of wonderful trims and embellishments, even furs. Wish I had that picture.

Sorry I used the flash. It doesn’t show how vibrant the colors are.


This store had Vintage trims, ribbons, buttons. flowers & thread.

So pretty!

Would you just look at that wall. Each flower or button had it’s own box with a sample on the front.

Great way to store and display them.

This is only a small section of the ribbon wall. I think I was on color overload. Didn’t think that was possible for me.


(you know, of Project Runway fame)

There wasn’t any sign on the outside of the building so I had to take a pic of this one hanging indoors.

Again, this place is massive. It occupies 3 floors. The selection was wonderful but be ready to hunt.

I’m looking out the window of Moods and peering into some of the fashion houses across the street.

This city is amazing!

There is so much here but certainly never enough time.

Leaving Moods we headed down the street and saw this pretty window of a perfume shop.

The giant paper flowers caught my eye and I had to get a few pics.

I love paper flowers!

Well, time for lunch & that’s another post.

Hope you enjoyed my little tour of the big city’s fashion district!

Dreamers Into Doers Event in NYC~ 2012

I’m so excited to share with you the events of the past few days.

I was fortunate enough to be one of 80 entrepreneurial women from across the U.S. invited to attend  the Martha Stewart Dreamers Into Doers Event in New York City.

The event included two days of speakers, workshops, meeting some incredibly talented women, enjoying wonderful food and attending a LIVE taping of the Martha Stewart Show.

Here are some of the highlights:

It began with a Meet & Mingle on Monday evening.  So fun to finally meet some of my online friends in person.

(from left: Carrie from Half Baked, me, & Lindsay from Easy Made Invitations)

Tuesday morning began bright and early with us attending her LIVE television show.

Her show is taped at Chelsea Studios on 26th Street which was only a half block down the street from the Hilton Hotel, where I stayed, which is in the fashion district. (great location)

After checking in at the studio we were put in a holding area where we got to meet Joey.

  The wonderfully, entertaining Joey explained the format of the show to us and gave us  our instructions.

Once inside, the set was beautiful!

The room was filled with  several large TV cameras and the staff were scrambling about the room prepping for their shots.

One of Martha’s guests was the only female winner of Top Chef, Stephanie Izard. As she prepared one of her wonderful dishes the studio smelled amazing. No, we didn’t get to sample it, although we did go home with her cookbook. YAY! Stephanie ownes a restaurant in Chicago, Girl & The Goat. Can’t wait to try it!

After the show Martha  graciously took questions from the audience and shared some special news with us. Alexis had a little boy! (so happy for Martha)

My kids taped the show and said I got some air time when breaking for commercials. (I got on TV, woo hoo! That’s me in the bottom left corner in hot pink.)

Next, we headed down the street to the Martha Stewart offices.

I was absolutely in awe at how large it was.  It was on the 9th & 10th floors of a building and took up a whole city block. It was enormous. I tried to walk slowly through the halls and take it all in. So much going on and so many people working on several projects.

We were treated to a wonderful lunch of Grilled Chicken Milanese, Herb Grilled Shrimp Skewers, Arugula Salad, Red Potatoes, and Haricot Verts.

The desserts included Homemade Mini Mallomars, Red Velvet Whoopie Pies, S’Mores, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Strawberries. So pretty and yummy too!  Yellow roses were everywhere in typical Martha fashion.

Martha’s staff asked us if we’d like to contribute something to the swag bag that would be given out at the end of the event. Of course most of the women got busy creating. I decided to make little goodie bags for everyone. Here’s a peek at my production line?

I happily wrapped 100 chocolate truffles,  100 rock candy suckers, tied 400 bows and sewed 100 bags.

This event is one I’ll never forget! Thank you to all you wonderful ladies who I met and for your amazing gifts and a special thank you to Martha and her wonderful staff for hosting such a fantastic event for all of us Dreamers who are Doers!

Hope to see you next year!