{Sweet Treat Tuesday} Easter Goodies

Have you decided what dessert you’re making for Easter?

I found these cute little bird cage cupcakes over on My Cake Blog.

Melissa will take you step by step.  They are easier than you think so give them a try. You can join the Cake blog and get regular lessons on how to make all her beautiful creations.

Click here to get the directions.

How’s this  cute idea for the Easter table?

Easter is all about beautiful color, right?

Peeps and Gerber Daisies are all you need for this “stunning” pink centerpiece.

Just line the glass vase with the peeps and place a smaller glass cup inside the peep circle for the flowers.  Fill with gerber daisies or any flowers you choose.

Insert a long candy stick inside the peeps and place  in the flower arrangement. You’ll need about 8 of them.

(photo via: Pinterest, no source listed)

Peeps come in various colors and I’m going to make 3 different centerpieces for each of my Easter tables.

This particular option is slightly different but equally stunning.  Start with a layer of orange jelly beans, place the yellow peeps on top of them finishing with gorgeous

Orange tulips  on top.

Found this on Katie Brown.

And finally, this last idea is my favorite.

This one is not only a ” table cutie” but it’s healthy too.

Get new clay pots and insert in them a separate cup that is filled with hummus or vegetable dip.

Wash baby carrots and make a little hole in the top of each one with a toothpick.

Insert a piece of  fresh  curly parsley in the hole on top of the carrots.

Plant the carrots in the dip.

Make several and let you guests take one home complete with a  bag of carrot seeds under the cup so your guests can grow their own carrots.

( from Family Fun and Taste and Tell)

Hope you’ll try one of these easy and fun ideas this Easter.