{Sweet Inspiration} Peep Show

Let’s see a show of hands for those lovers of the Peeps.

I have to admit this right from the start that I really wasn’t ever much of a Peep fan.

I would  see them at Easter time,  but being the chocolate lover that I am,  my eye was always on those big chocolate bunnies instead.

More and more it seemed I was seeing them everywhere and the colors were always catching my eye.  They do come in some very pretty colors, don’t they?

  Not only did I see them in bunnies,  but  I was seeing them in chicks.

  The robin’s egg blue one really got me.  That was it.  I broke down and bought several packages.

When I saw them used as centerpieces I was definitely hooked and wondered why I hadn’t thought of that.

I guess because I never gave those little marshmallowie guys a second look.

Until now, that is.

Recently I was amazed again when I saw this fantastic creation.

Yes, all Peeps.  Do you believe the creativity?

Wanting to share this fantastic piece of art with you led me to the Peeps facebook page

and I’m so glad it did.

All these amazing creations are from PEEP fans who were in

the Carroll County Arts Council 5th PEEP Show.


Amazing right?

Who knew you could have so much fun with these little marshmallow fellows?

Lesson learned!

Hope you enjoyed our little Peep Show and that these little guys will inspire you.

For more PEEP fun, checkout their Facebook page.


  1. WOW! I love Peeps and those are some crazy great designs. Thank you for sharing the Peep show :)

  2. Can’t believe the creativity (and effort) that must have gone into these!

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