{Fab Fun Find} Free Valentine Printables

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Hope your day is going well!

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Have you made plans for Valentine’s Day yet?

Why not celebrate at home with your sweetie and some close friends with a romantic, intimate dinner party.

Celebrate Magazine is offering free printables and ideas for a  beautiful pink and gold color palette

with an ombre-inspired Valentine’s Day  dinner party.

I love the idea of celebrating with some close friends and these ideas will make it easy.

Guests would love this Cupid’s Arrow Placecard.


 Tie each place card around one of cupid’s arrows with shimmery gold string.

Cupid’s Arrow How-to
gold spray paint; wooden dowel; scissors; white decorative feathers (available at craft stores); glue; glitter card stock; washi tape

STEP 1: Spray-paint dowel; let dry.
STEP 2: Cut desired amount from top of feather, then cut down the center. Glue onto end of dowel, holding in place until glue is set.
STEP 3: Cut card stock into shape of a heart, and glue to opposite end of dowel.
STEP 4: Accent dowel with strips of different shades of washi tape cut in half lengthwise.

This pretty ombré cake is fashioned with a gold-tinsel pipe cleaner to spell the word love.

 Download and print here the glamorous party art.

For more ideas on this romantic dinner party, visit Celebrate Magazine.

{Sweet Treat} Surprise Valentine Cookies

Everyone is always looking for ideas around Valentine’s Day and I’m no different.

When I spotted these cookies,

I realized that I buy Candiquik and Wilton chocolates to dip my pretzels,  fill my candy molds and even dip my candy apples in,  but never to frost my cookies.

Hey, why not?

These surprise cookies by Miss Candiquik are loads of fun to make and have lots of possibilities.

For directions click here and happy baking!

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{So Cute} Macaron Fun Find

You know, I love the Paper Source for lots of reasons and my latest find just confirms why.

Have you seen their latest collection of macarons?

Paper and Cloth that is!

Being the Macaron lover that I am, it definitely puts me in a happy place. Check it out.

Assorted sizes of Gift bags…

Mini journals…

Tea Towels…

Valentine Cards…

See what I mean?

For lots more fun ideas you can visit them here.

I hope you have a sweet day!!!

{Sweet Inspiration} Dreamy Pink Dessert Table

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

  To kick off the week I have a real treat for you. When I ran across this dessert table by Helen from Kiss My Cakes, I was in aw.  It’s just so sweet and utterly gorgeous! She designed it for a 1 st birthday party with a Pink Polka Dot and Butterflies theme.

Be prepared to swoon!

Chocolate Mud Cake

Cake Pops and Fondant Frosted Cupcakes with edible Butterfly

Vanilla Cupcakes featuring fondant bow

Rose Water Meringues

Mini Berry Cupcakes with Berry Butter cream

Coconut Ice

Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies featuring pipped scalloped edging.

Vanilla Butter Cream Cupcakes

Well, what did I tell you? Simply gorgeous, right!

I’d like to thank the very talented Helen from Kiss My Cakes for sharing her beautiful Pink Polka Dots and Butterflies Sweets Table with us.

Be sure to visit Kiss My Cakes for more of her beautiful work.

Styling and all desserts by: Kiss My Cakes
Photography: The Garage Studio by Fiona Handbury

Happy New Year and a Look-Back at 2012

I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and hope your holidays were fun and restful!

I hosted Christmas Day again this year for my 24 family members, (my family of 5, my three sisters and their families and my beloved mom. Sadly, my brother and his family couldn’t join us). The days just seemed to fly by with the many preparations, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We always have so much fun when we all get together. I’m always busy with so many projects that I never take time for pictures. Have to make it a point of taking them from now on.

Sorry I haven’t been posting, but I did enjoy some great time with my kids and hubby and even managed to catch a few winks in between.

Well, it’s 2013 and time for a look back over 2012.

I started this blog just a little over a year ago with the idea of sharing  a little cooking, baking, sewing, partying, DIY’s and whatever else I thought of. Didn’t really have a major plan.

In the mist of finding my voice and my way through this amazing blogging world, I ‘ve had some fun along the way.

My first party submission was my Polka Dot Halloween Party which was featured on The Party Wagon’s blog.  I was so excited! This party was loaded with lots of DIY’s from licorice trees, to tissue paper flowers, burlap banner (my Etsy shop) to fondant ghosts, handmade invites to homemade cupcakes, treat bags from my Etsy shop and more.

Lots of work but loads of fun. I was so thrilled and happy to share it on such a fun party blog. Thank you Party Wagon for featuring us!!!

In December,  Celebrations.com surprised me by choosing my Christmas Cup Cozies DIY as their favorite craft of the year.  I’m thinking, are you kidding me, with their 18,000 plus fans it was a real honor to be chosen!  I even got the honor of having a whole week devoted to Party Patisserie on their site.  Thank you again Celebrations.com!!!

In January, one of my long time dreams came true. I received an invitation to attend  Martha Stewart’s Dreamers Into Doers Event in New York City for women entrepreneurs, and attend her live television show.

I could hardly wait for March when the event would take place.

In the meantime lots to do to get ready for it.

We were asked if we’d like to contribute to the swag bags her staff was putting together for all us Dreamers attending.

(I had an assembly line going) Do you like my business cards?

I happily sewed 100 party bags, wrapped 100 chocolate truffles, packaged 100 rock candy suckers, tied 400 bows and folded 100 pieces of tissue. All before stuffing each bag perfectly.












Ta Da!  I was really happy with the way my party bags turned out.

Seeing Martha, (she’s gorgeous by the way),  her staff, offices, television show and networking with all the other Dreamers was absolutely wonderful and won’t soon be forgotten!

That’s me, in the pink jacket and black slacks, in the studio audience of the show. When we went live we were instructed to smile and clap. I don’t know if you can tell, but, right at that moment  I started to get overcome with the reality of where I was and how grateful I was to be there that my eyes started to well up. Yep,  just as the camera was panning the audience. Great timing, right? That’s so me.

My hubby came along and did a little business and sightseeing during the days while I attended the events. We extended the trip by a couple of days to shop the fashion district and shop for supplies for my business. Yipee!

(Thousands of trims of all kinds and colors)

 Tinsel Trading

(Gorgeous assortment of all kinds of embellishments)

Mood Fabrics

(Hundreds of bolts of fabric, heaven)

Tinsel Trading To see more of the shopping trip, click here.

We had such a wonderful time together. I recommend it!

Celebrations.com surprised me again when they contacted me to feature my Marilyn Monroe Inspired Prom Party. Again what a honor to be on their fun and inspiring site. Many thanks Celebrations.com.!!!

click here to view whole party

I submitted this same party to Amy Atlas and within a few hours of them receiving it they contacted me and wanted to feature it. I was absolutely thrilled but when they asked if I had posted it on my blog (which I had) they no longer would feature it.  I wasn’t aware that you cannot put it up on your own blog until they feature it first. Tough lesson! Oh well. still thrilled they wanted it:)

In October,  Babble.com choose my Witches’ Legs Tulle Wreath DIY to feature on their amazing blog. Huge surprise! Have you seen their site?  It’s packed full of great inspiration!  What an honor! Thanks Babble and all your visitors!!!

You’re the best!

Party Patisserie was thrilled and honored again to be voted in 6th place in the Circle of Moms Top 25 Party Blogs.

That would not have been possible without the votes from all of our amazing fans:):):)

Thank You All so very much for your support!!! And thank you Circle of Moms for all the wonderful exposure and opportunities you have provided Party Patisserie!!! It’s so much fun being a part of your wonderful community!

Another wonderful opportunity was afforded me when I was contacted by Darcy Miller, Editorial Director of Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine and Celebrations Expert.

Yep, that’s right, she contacted me. Scream!

Click here for the full interview.

She called me this summer and I was thrilled to talk with her about her new Daisy Party Collection on OpenSky and her tips on throwing great parties.  Darcy told me about a few parties she threw for Martha Stewart and Dylan Lauren of Dylan’s Candy Store. Darcy is so down to earth and easy to talk to. I feel like we’re friends now.

Thank you Darcy for taking time out of your busy schedule for the interview!!!

You are so very talented and a true delight!

 I opened my Etsy Party Supplies Shop this year (even though it says 2011). I just started adding goods to the shop and it took off over Christmas.  Thank you so much for supporting the shop and please continue to watch us grow as I add unique and fun party items. I just love to create and have lots of great ideas for 2013.

Party Patisserie Etsy Shop, click here

I would love your help in spreading the word. Pin what you love! Thanks:)

And lastly, earlier this year I worked with the ladies of LaunchHER to secure a TradeMark   for Party Patisserie. We  are accepted and now a registered trademark. YAY!

Thank you Kara and Tracy!

I would be remiss if I didn’t express my thank you’s to all the blogs and friends on facebook, pinterest, twitter who have shared our ideas and helped to introduce Party Patisserie to others.

I send my heartfelt gratitude to each one of you♥.

I am constantly amazed at all the visitors we get from all over the world. 13o some countries. I So Appreciate Every One of You and so happy you take the time out of your busy lives to visit us.  This has truly inspired me and I’m so excited and energized for 2013.

So stayed tuned!  We have lots of fun things planned ahead for Party Patisserie and want You to be a part of it.

May God Bless you and your family in this coming year!!!

♡ Debbie