{DIY} Unique Christmas Wrapping Idea

Hi Everyone,

I’ve always been the type of person who loves the presentation of a gift.  So, I’m always trying to think of new ways to wrap.   I love the look on the recipients face when they get the gift. It makes me so happy to make someone else smile.  My mother used to say, when I handed her my gift, that she just wanted to hold it awhile before opening it just to look at it. (thanks sweet mom)!

One easy, inexpensive way that always packs a punch, is using Christmas socks. (I always love them and want to buy them).

This idea is so much fun and you can actually make it just before walking out the door to your party. (providing you have the socks on hand).


Just cut off the heal of the sock because you won’t be needing that part. (sorry cute little toes). (I used the knee-high socks here).

Sock-Wrap-1 Next, pull the sock over the bottle.


Secure the bottom with double stick tape, add a gift tag with twine and you have a gorgeous presentation.


There you have it!


So  hurry out and get your socks. I always keep some on hand for a quick hostess gift or in case friends stop over. You’ll have a beautiful gift for them.

Have a sweet day!

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