A Popcorn Party for the Oscars

Are you getting ready for Oscar night? We are.


It’s always a fun evening to watch the Academy Awards and see who’s walking the  Red Carpet with who


and of course seeing those fashions. Who’s wearing who?

It’s quite a long show and treats are definitely in order for the evening. We decided to keep it easy and fun, so we made a Popcorn Bar.


Everyone seems to love popcorn, and it is the movies after all!


Putting glittered bowties on our boxes dressed them up for the occasion.


For another option, we also made popcorn balls. I love them!


We wrapped them individually in cellophane bags, and labeled them with our Popcorn Balls printable. You can download it here.


For those who don’t want to use their fingers, we thought we’d try something new. We made some Popcorn Bars on sticks.


To make the popcorn sticks: After pouring the syrup on the popcorn, quickly mold the popcorn into the shape of a bar and insert the stick in the bottom of the bar. You can actually mold the popcorn around the stick. Remember to work quickly because it will harden.


We served our Popcorn bars on trays and in a basket.


Like I mentioned, the Oscars can be quite long. To make it a little more fun, why not play a little bingo?


Red Carpet Bingo that is!  We came up with our own unique categories.


If you’d like to play, you can download the cards here and here.


Well, have a great evening watching the show. I hope your favorite movie wins!


  1. The popcorn boxes are adorable!

  2. Debbie, wow! I saw this featured at Tatertots & Jello and was so happy for you! This party is seriously adorable. My favorite part is the BINGO game! What a fun idea. I will PIN this for next year. :) Congrats again!


    • Party Patisserie says:

      Thank you so much Daniela for your kind words! It was a lot of fun to put together. It was a blast playing the bingo last night!

  3. Party Patisserie says:

    So thrilled to be featured on Tater Tots and Jello’s Great Ideas!


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