Happy May Day!

Hello, hello and Happy May Day! When I was little we always celebrated May 1 as May Basket day. It was  officially the beginning of Spring and a day to surprise someone with something special.  At least in our house.



My sweet mother would surprise all five of us kids with a May basket. We each received a little basket made out of paper and filled with candy and popcorn.  It was such a fun surprise! There was no expectations that something was coming, simply because she never talked about it  ahead of time. No build-up to it like there is for all the other holidays. I think that might have been what made it so special!

After we received out baskets, she would ask if we’d like to surprise someone too. We were thrilled and we each made a basket for someone else. Colored cardstock or construction paper, brown paper bags, even wallpaper samples all work great.

Remember cutting strips of paper and weaving them together to make a basket? Or rolling the paper to form a cone? Yep, that’s all you have to do.  Either way works, just be sure to add a handle.



The idea is to fill your basket with goodies and deliver to an unsuspecting friend/neighbor by hanging the basket on their doorknob, ringing the bell and running away.


We were just as excited to make something for someone else and to surprise them as we were to receive them.  Making things with mom was always so special!

What a great way to send time together and teach them how to do something for someone else.



I continued the tradition with my kids and I hope it inspires you to do the same! Get as creative as you want.



Do you celebrate May Day? If so I’d love to hear about it.

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