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One of our favorite entries from last week was a Jungle Theme party from Roxy’s Kitchen. Visit her blog to see the whole party.


We at Party Patisserie love  everything party and party related! We love party inspiration and want to see what you’re up to.  It can be a party you planned, a drink or treat that would perfect to serve at a party or a craft.

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Sweet Treat :: Strawberry Slushies


Hello everyone! We’ve had such a wonderful summer here in the Midwest! Not to many really hot days, which is very unusual for us and not a lot of air conditioning either, but as much as I enjoy the mild temps I love those Hot days too! The days that scream summer! Well, the other day we had a real summer day, as I like to call it. It was hot, hot hot! The kind of day where you’re looking for something refreshing. So, I made my favorite go to summer drink, Strawberry Slushies.

They are so quick to whip up  and really refreshing. If you make them a little thicker, like I did here, just add a super cute wooden spoon.



Slushies_4 It’s such a cute way to display your drinks and a fun way to enjoy them too!


And if you prefer the straws, that works too.


Either make them slightly thinner or wait for them to melt, which they do pretty quickly.


Ingredients: frozen drink mix (I used strawberry daiquiri); orange juice, ice cubes. (you can substitute the strawberry daiquiri, with frozen lemonade, limeade, grape juice or so many others) This is the non-alcoholic version, but for the adults, just add a little vodka.)

Put the daiquiri contents in mixer, using that same container that the strawberry mix came in, fill it full with orange juice, add several ice cubes and blend away until smooth. Fill the glasses. It’s just that easy.



Straws and wooden spoons available in Party Patisserie Shop.

Party Time Linky 7

Hello, hello! It’s that time again to share your fun party projects, food or inspiration. Enjoy browsing all the creativity!

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Your wonderful ideas will be shared on the 8 blogs shown below.












DIY Painted Doormat

Hi everyone.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a DIY, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy whipping some up.

I’ve been wanting a mat at my backdoor to wipe our feet on after we’ve been out watering the flowers, so I figured a “friendly” little pop of color would do the trick.  I turned a boring brown straw doormat into a happy little greeting. Wanting that pop of color, I choose pink, what else? And it matches my flowers. The world always needs more pink, right?


This little project was super easy, and only required a few materials. You will need:

  • A doormat. I got mine from Crate & Barrel, but you can find them everywhere.
  • Spray paint. (I used Rustoleum indoor-outdoor.)
  • “Hello” or other word or phrase printed on paper.
  • Contact paper.
  • An X-ACTO knife.

Step 1:
Find a font you like, and print your word (I used “hello”) off your computer. This will serve as your stencil, so make sure the font will be easy to cut
out. (Be sure to hold on to the section of the letter you cut out because you’ll need them when you spray paint.)


Step 2:
Cut out your word carefully with clean lines.



Step 3:
Trace the word onto the contact paper. This will serve as your stencil. I used the contact paper for the stencil rather than printer paper so the spray
paint wouldn’t leak through. (This contact have a slight adhesive on the back.)


Step 4:
Lay your stencil where you want it on the mat. Make sure you place the inside pieces of the letters where you want them, too. (I forgot the inside of the
“e” and “o” in this photo, but thankfully I remembered to include them before I got out the spray paint!)

I used more of the contact paper to completely cover the mat.  You don’t want any paint to sneak into places it shouldn’t.


Step 5:
It’s time to spray paint! Rather than move the can in a sweeping motion like you normally would to spray paint, hold the can directly above the stencil,
and keep it still as you spray. This will ensure no paint seeps outside of the stencil. You may need to spray a few coats to make the color more vibrant.


Step 6:
Peel away your stencil and let the mat air dry.

And that’s it! You have an adorable doormat that is so cute no one will want to step on it.


I love the way it turned out! You can even add a cute pair of flip flops so your watering shoes will be ready when you need them.


Linked up to: savvy southern style  

and Tip Junkie



Hey everyone! Kristin here. It’s nice to be chatting with you again!

Remember when my friend Emily and I visited Eataly, and I told you that Mom and I went back to explore beyond the Nutella bar? Well, that’s the adventure I’m going to share with you today.


Eataly…how do I describe Eataly? The home of the most food I’ve ever seen in my life? Foodie paradise? Italian heaven?

I guess a more accurate description of Eataly is that it’s two-floor emporium that houses 23 eateries and a fresh-food market. A project of Mario Batali’s, there’s a dessert bar, coffee shop, Nutella bar, gelateria, brewery, wine bar, bakery, pizzeria, butcher, cheese counter-you get the picture. Eataly has every type of Italian food or beverage you could dream of—plus a little more.


Mom and I were in heaven.

When you first step through the doors of Eataly, your senses skyrocket. There are so many sights, smells, sounds and, of course, tastes that you don’t know where to go first.


We eventually decided to head toward familiar territory: the sweets!


Do we even need to say anything about this photo?

I want one of everything!

We hit the Nutella bar next, and it is exactly what it sounds like: A place where every item on the menu features Nutella.


You can order croissants with a luscious, creamy layer of Nutella slathered on top. Or there’s the baked-to-order crêpes smeared with a generous layer of Nutella.


To save us from ourselves, we turned away from the sweets and headed upstairs to see what other delights Eataly had in store for us.


One of the first things we noticed when we reached the second floor was all of the cheese.

Frankly, between the hundred-pound cheese wheels stacked along the walls and the aging cheese hanging from the ceiling, it was hard to miss! (stinky, in a good way if you know what I mean).



But wait. That doesn’t even include the blocks upon blocks of cheese cooling behind the counter!


And if you’re going to buy all this cheese, you’re going to want some wine. Just take a few steps to your left, and there’s a wine bar!



Oh, and don’t forget a few olives to complete your snack. There are at least a dozen or so to choose from.


Now that you have something in your stomach, you can shop for tonight’s dinner. And you wouldn’t have an Italian meal without pasta.


Pick a noodle, any noodle. They have it all from the packaged …


… to the fresh.


Now select some crunchy bread to go with your pasta.


You’ll want to top off that crusty bread with a new type of butter.


And heck, you might want to pick up a pizza too, just because it looks soooo goooood. (We did, and it was!)


It’s time for dessert! There’s the gelateria …


… or you can get a good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookie. (They. Were. Huge.)


I think I gained a pound just thinking about all of this food.

Have you been to Eataly, either the Chicago or New York location? What did (or would) you buy? Let us know!

Party Time Linky 5

Hello everyone! It’s that time again to party.

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We’d love for you to share your party inspiration by linking up your idea(s) below.  Remember, it will be on the 8 blogs below to get you lots of exposure. And if you’d rather browse the ideas, that’s great too!


















Before we party, let’s take a peek at a few popular ones from last week.


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Tip of the Week

Happy Friday everyone! Perfect time for an entertaining tip as we go into the weekend.

I love to entertain with friends and family but we’re usually a big crowd with lots of food and I’m always looking for ways to keep it easy and fun.

While fruit salads are always good, in this case I wanted everyone to mingle around and help themselves without messing with forks or plates.

fruit on stick


When I found these small watermelons at the grocery store I decided to buy one along with some other melons as well.


I cut the melons up into pieces and inserted a popsicle stick into the rind. Watermelon cuts perfectly into pie shapes. Aren’t they cute? Just slice off a half to one inch piece from your watermelon,  then cut that piece into fourths. Insert stick. (hint: insert a sharp knife just slightly to cut the rind and the stick will go in perfectly.)


Next, the cantaloupe and honeydew melons. (ignore my model who needs a manicure)


After you cut in the cantaloupe in half and clear out the seeds, you have a hollow area. Just cut a 1/2 inch slice and cut that piece in half and insert the stick.  The cantaloupe makes a little smile and the honeydew looks like someone took a little bite out of it, which makes it cute in my book.

Arrange them on your platter and your guests can choose what they like.


These are cut to be a fairly good serving size.  Hint: after your fruit is cut and you’ve inserted the stick and arranged the platter, put it in the freezer before guests arrive for about 15 minutes or so.  This will make it crisp and oh so refreshingly cold on a hot summer day!


Can I offer you a piece? Just help yourself:)


Have a wonderful refreshing weekend!

Rainbow-Frosted Cupcakes

A wise person once said, “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy cupcakes. And that’s kind of the same thing.”

Well, if cupcakes are happiness, what we have for you today is better than happiness.

Today we have cupcakes with rainbow frosting.

Yes. Rainbow frosting. Yay! I’ve been wanting to make these for some time now.


These cupcakes are the happiest, loveliest, most perfect little delights you could dream up. And guess what. You can make them yourself!

Yep, one of these little babies could be in your belly in a matter of minutes. Are you ready to whip some up?


Good. Let’s not put any more time between you and your little piece of heaven.

First, make some cupcakes. Because, you know, it’s not really socially acceptable to eat frosting out of the bowl with your fingers. (But off the record,
we totally endorse it.) We made vanilla cupcakes.

Second, prepare some vanilla buttercream frosting. You can use your favorite recipe, or follow ours. And you should try it. It’s finger-lickin’ good. :)

You’ll need:

  • 2 sticks unsalted butter
  • 8 cups (2lbs.) powdered sugar (no need to sift)
  • 2 tsp. vanilla (use clear vanilla if you like a whiter frosting)
  • 1/3 cups milk
  • A pinch of salt ( to cut the sweetness)

Cream the softened butter until smooth, then blend in the vanilla. Begin adding the powdered sugar and most of the milk. Beat at medium speed until the
powdered sugar is incorporated. Add the remaining milk, and mix at medium speed for another 3 to 4 minutes while scraping the sides of
the bowl occasionally. The texture will become very smooth.

Now that you have the frosting base, it’s time to add some color. Split the frosting into separate bowls. You decide how many colors you’d like to use.




Next, begin to fill the pastry bag.

Spoon in a little of color No. 1, and try to keep it close to the side of the bag so there’s room for the others. (This is tricky, but you can do it!) Spoon in color No. 2, No. 3., and however many more you have.


To ensure all of the colors will show when you frost your cupcakes, squirt a little out onto some wax paper to make sure you like what you see.


It took us a little while to get more than pink and yellow to appear, but ooh, I love that color combo!

Now it’s time to frost those cupcakes. Start piping the frosting on the edge of the cupcake and swirl your way in.


Ta da!


Because the colors will swirl together in the piping bag, each cupcake will turn out a little different. It’s all just part of the fun. When you need to refill the bag, start with a new one to avoid the colors from mixing to much because they will get muddy. And we can’t have that!


Mmmm, don’t you just want to take big bite out of this puppy?


I hope you’ll give them a try! Have a Sweet Day!



Linking up to: savvy southern style

Party Time Linky 4

Hi everyone, hope you’re off to a great week!  It’s that time again for you to link up your amazing party ideas and inspiration. I’d love for you to share!  Or if you’d rather just browse around to gather some ideas, that’s great too! Your work will appear on 8 blogs. Yay!




Before we begin, here were a few of the favorites from last week:


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POPSUGAR Must Have Box

We all love to get surprises in the mail, right?

Sometimes it seems like the only surprises to find their way to my mailbox are bills. And I know I speak for all of us when I say bills are not fun surprises.

But earlier this month, POPSUGAR brightened up my lonely mailbox with a bright pink POPSUGAR Must-Have Box. Real mail! And a big, hefty package, no less. I was so excited!
























“What is a Must-Have Box?” you ask.

A Must-Have Box is filled with fashion, beauty, home, fitness and food products that the POPSUGAR team is currently testing and loving. The products are full-size—no samples here! The boxes go out once a month, so you’re always trying something new.

Now, let’s get back to this July box. How cute is this?
























Here’s what was inside:


These items encompass what summer is all about. Lisa Sugar, POPSUGAR’s founder, said the team’s inspiration for these products were hot summer nights, eating al fresco, longer days, sunshine, vacation and outdoor workouts.

Ahh, sweet summertime.

Here’s a peek at each item:

 Michael Stars Beach Hat and Sun Bum Sunscreen and Lotion


Fashionable hats are a must-have for vacation, but they aren’t always easy to pack. This one is, though! It’s bendable and flexible, so it will pop right back into shape once you dig it out of your suitcase or beach bag.

I love spending time in the sun, but I also take special care to protect my skin. Tans look nice, but wrinkle-free skin looks better! This sunscreen from Sun Bum smells so good I could eat it, and the cooling aloe lotion will feel wonderfully soothing in case you do get burned.

Dang Foods Toasted Coconut Chips and TKO Jump Rope with Soft-Grip Handles


I love early morning workouts in the summer. They’re a good way to enjoy some time outside before the sun gets too hot. This jump rope will be a welcome addition to my workout routine, and the coconut chips will be a yummy, healthy snack before or after breaking a sweat. And if you’re feeling a little indulgent, they’d taste great sprinkled over something sweet!

French Bull Ziggy Salad Servers


At our house, we try to eat outside as much as possible in the summer—especially for family dinners. These colorful salad servers have been adding pizzazz to each one. I just love them!

ACME Party Box Company Chevron Straws


Ice-cold lemonade is a classic summertime treat, but here’s a secret: Lemonade, or any cold beverage, tastes even better when you sip it through an adorable paper straw.

IMG_6795 - Version 2

Lastly, Revlon Bold Lacquer Length & Volume Mascara. Love this mascara when I want a little more Saturday night drama!

If you’d like to see a Must-Have Box in your mailbox every month, it’s your lucky day. POPSUGAR is offering my readers a coupon code to get $10.00 off a 3-month subscription. Here are the details:

Type: Save $10 on a 3-month subscription
Start date: Today
End date: 7/31/14


POPSUGAR provided me with a complimentary POPSUGAR Must-Have box. The opinions I have shared about the box are my own, and POPSUGAR did not tell me what to say or how to say it.