{DIY} Tissue Paper Flower Runner

When I was busy pinning the other night I found this great DIY  from Lisa Storms  for Fiskars that I wanted to share with you.

It’s a Tissue Paper Flower and Paper Runner.

Isn’t it pretty?

I love to make Tissue Paper Flowers and  there are so many color options you have with tissue paper.

This idea can be used in so many ways and for many different occasions.

One idea would be for Mother’s Day or a Tea Party.

Picking up vintage tea cups at flea markets is always so much fun and so affordable.

Wouldn’t they look great on the table?

You will need to buy a few paper punches for this project but I think you’ll use them again.

I have used mine several times.

Hope you enjoy this project and have some fun with it. I know I will.

  Get the directions here.

{DIY} Pretty Paper Flowers

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Paper flowers seem to be everywhere these days and I, for one, love them.

With Spring right around the corner this is  a perfect craft to make now.  They will definitely brighten up any room in the house and they’re fun to make.

Supplies Needed:

Colorful card stock of your choice;  floral wire; hot glue gun & scissors. Begin by cutting out a circle about 7 inches in diameter. I cut the edges a bit irregular to give it more interest.

You’ll need to cut out several circles using different colors and vary the sizes a bit. Cut a few of the flowers 5 inches & some 6 inches in diameter. Again, it’s personal preference.

Once you have your circle cut out begin cutting  a spiral leaving about 1/4 to 1/2 inch from the edge of the paper and continue cutting to the center.

Here’s what it’ll look like.

Next,  roll up the spiral all the way to the center. I wrapped the paper around a pencil to get it started. Roll tightly.

When you reach the center let the paper pop open. Like magic you have your  beautiful flower.

(love this part)

Put a dollop of glue on the back piece, which is the center of the spiral, and press the flower into it gently.

Now you’ll need to cut our your leaves.  I used a few different shades of green card stock again for some added interest.

(go ahead and make several leaves. )

       Pinch the leaf at the base and put a small dot of hot glue to hold it together.

Take the floral wire and bend one end about 1/2 inch.

Turn your flower over to the underside and put a dollop of hot glue. Place the bent end of the wire into the glue.

It won’t want to hold, so, put your leaf or a scrap of green paper over the wire to secure in place. This will hold the wire and finish off the underside of the flower.

(sorry, I’m using a different color flower here.)
You can glue 1 or 2 leaves to a flower. Your preference.
After the glue has set, I wrapped the wire around my  finger a few times to give it a springy appearance.

 This gives it a whimsical appearance and helps me to position it in the vase.

Now, on to attaching the wires and leaves on these little beauties.

I had way to much fun making these.  They’re addictive.

I’m using a plastic, whimsical vase here that I found in an art shop. You can use whatever you like.

Aren’t they cute?

I originally put them in my kitchen, then my daughter saw them and, well, they reside in her room now.

Sure hope you enjoy making these flowers as much as I did!

Have a colorful day♥.